Wednesday, August 27, 2008


There's nothing more to say than that I'm sick of Mark May and Lou Holtz after the first episode.

Dear ESPN,

You do not have to sell college football. It sells itself--especially when you pick two people who can speak about college football without obvious bias and can convey valid arguments. You can afford to find the best college football analysts. We deserve them. 



Hunker Down said...

Dear ESPN,

If you cannot fire Mark May, please pair him with Pam Ward and send him to cover all of the 12:00 Big Ten shit games - like Northwestern vs. Iowa.

Do NOT fire Lou Holthh but take him out of the studio. Pay him handsomely for preparing insane non sequitur laden pep talks.

Anonymous said...

Mark May is one more comment away (regarding Pitt's loss to Bowling Green) from snapping Granny's neck like a three-day-old dried wishbone. This would solve everyone's problem (unless ESPN puts Jim Rome in the analysts' seat).